Ready for Change?


Adapt or die.  That’s the Darwinian absolute for each species but can I have a note excusing me please?  ‘Dear World, Please excuse Amanda from any further adaptation as she has already adapted to sooo many new things, from hoverboards to solar chargers.’ Well, actually I haven’t actually got a hoverboard or a solar charger but I have learned lots of new techhie stuff over the past five years, haven’t we all?


I now rely on my ipad for catch up tv, radio, electronic diary and electronic contacts.  Like all converts I am over-zealous and keen to spread the word.  If you haven’t changed your tatty little address book for an electronic contacts list then you’re missing a trick.  Equally, if you and your partner still write in a paper diaries, then consider a change to a common online diary, so much easier to keep up to date, you can even choose a different colour for each participant!


It has taken me six months to adapt to the new laptop, everything is different and more complex than you could imagine if you just want to browse the net and type.  Most of the guidance is online now but luckily I was given a paper manual which has helped me to transition from one operating system to another.



So I can do change but I must admit that my heart groans when something from my daily life has to change.  Yes I know, it’s good for you to adapt, not get set in your ways.  But still, what a pain it was recently when I replaced my mobile phone cover, to find that the new one fits the other way round to my old one and although it gave my family pleasure to tease me about having to adapt, it is such a nuisance to have to relearn how to flip open the case (what used be upside down) and have the mobile ready for use.  That will teach me to buy cheap phone cases from the market, I bet the proper branded goods don’t change about.  I have pretty much sorted out my phone case now but the next hassle was changing pillows.  What a petty problem but surprisingly important.  I’m sure none of you suffer from the infernal problem that your old pillow is so flat, it’s squashed down like a pancake and keeps your head only half a centimetre off the mattress.  Any new pillow though, is just far too bouncy.  New pillows seem to delight in being like an enthusiastic puppy, just a bit too  energetic for me.


I do better with changes I can prepare for.  I had heard and read about ‘empty nest syndrome’ before my youngest went off to uni and I was ready when it happened.  Determined to guard against feeling miserable due to my ‘empty nest’, I made sure I was well occupied, out of the house for long hours and busy once I returned.  The plan worked; I missed him terribly but I didn’t have time to dwell on it and I was only too happy to realise that it was soon time for him to come home for Christmas.   When my daughter got married I had a whole year to get used to the change of her living permanently in a different part of the country.  The year leading up to the wedding was busy with preparations and I adapted gradually to the fundamental change, which was consolidated once she was living with her husband.  Now I’m used to my empty nest and enjoy my new freedoms, whilst always looking forward to the next visit home from either of the youngsters.


Big lifestyle changes then, I can plan for and sort out.  It’s the little things that trip me up and make me return to my cave muttering.  Do I embrace change?  Not unless I have to!!


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2 thoughts on “Ready for Change?

  1. Hi – I’m useless with change too – particularly technology. I guess I’m a bit set in my ways these days. It’ll be a long time before I have empty nest syndrome though – I had my kids in my forties and now they’re only 8 and 6 x


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